Kasper Berkowitz er bjergguide og ejer af climbhigh.

Her er min historie

Hi, I am Kasper. For me, climbing is how it all started. I’ve always been climbing. As a small child, I climbed any tree, lamppost or stone bigger than a football. But it wasn’t until I convinced my parents to send me away on a rock climbing course as a 14-year-old that this passion really blossomed and got a direction, purpose and deeper meaning to me. It was like falling in love and I knew straight away that I wanted to devote as much of my life to climbing and the mountains as I could. My parents tell me that when I returned from that first rock climbing course, I was speaking about nature, rocks and climbing experiences in an almost poetic way. I guess you need an almost supernaturally powerful impression to make a 14-year old boy poetic -but climbing did that to me. Eight years later, I moved to Canada. Officially to go to school, but the real reason was to spend as much time in the mountains as I could. I already had my qualification as a rock climbing instructor, but in Canada, I started my training to become a mountain guide. After a couple of years in Canada, having completed the first couple of courses of the Canadian guides training through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, I decided to move back to Europe to spend more time skiing and climbing in the alps and finish my guides training with the Swedish Mountain Guides Association. In 2010 I became a fully certified IFMGA mountain guide. When I’m not guiding, I enjoy nothing more than climbing or skiing with good friends, discovering places I haven’t been to before. Whenever I get some time off during the winter season, I especially like finding places for ski touring that haven’t become famous or crowded. Small gems in hidden valleys. Even though the alps are densely populated, there are still places like that. At other times of the year, I like to go back to my roots, seeking out beautiful, traditionally protected climbs on the immaculate granite of the west coast of Sweden.

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